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Commercial Services

When you are stuck and need emergency commercial security services for your office, we are there! Commercial Locksmith Services providers will be happy to take your requests regarding the following services:

  • Lockouts from commercial buildings

  • Installing and repairing new and old locks

  • Repairing and installation of old and new safes

  • Unlocking file cabinets and also opening them if they are stuck

  • Cutting off locks that catch rust

  • Providing service and programming for latest digital locks


We are there to handle your requests and queries if they are among the following:


The time taken by our specialist is 15 to 30 minutes depending upon the location of your building and our availability. We have specialists who are for the maximum times (95%) on road so it is easy for us to reach there on time.


As our team is full of professionals, they have all the necessary knowledge about the type of locks that are best for your commercial area. So in case you do not know which lock would be the best, sit back and relax it’s the job of our professionals.


As soon as our specialists reach they will access the entire situation and inform you of the various additional services that you would need. A traditional office lockout will take approximately 20-30 minutes to reach.


Automotive professionals take serious precautions while opening doors and safes. For opening a locked door methods like pricking are adopted which would let the lock work without getting damaged and in any extreme case the lock might have to be drilled so there is surely a need to get it replaced. In case of a safe opening, it is advisable to replace the safe if once opened through other means as there will no longer be security programming in a broken safe. So approximately there will be a higher percentage of the safe being damaged.


We provide a large variety of services and the prices are set according to the efforts being put in to complete a work. If you would compare our prices with other locksmith services, you will surely find automotive locksmith services to be the best and affordable amongst all.

We are a trust worthy service providers who you can rely upon without hesitation and doubts. We will be happy to assist you in case of routine queries as well as emergencies being faced by you. We have the best and latest digital locks that can provide you the safest features.